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Searching the term "coach" on LinkedIn, leaves you with nearly six million hits. Anyone - at least in the Netherlands - can call themself a coach, without having to take any kind of aptitude test. It is an unprotected profession. Fortunately, more and more companies that work with coaches, as well as coaches themselves, have a growing desire to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. In line with this development, certification is increasingly being requested.


Since the start of my career as a trainer and coach, I invest in my own professional development on a regular basis. On my LinkedIn profile you can see the training and courses that I have completed. My accreditation by the NOBCO (Dutch Association for Professional Coaches) includes my commitment to the International Code of Ethics (IEC), the Dutch version of the Global Code of Ethics of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). This provides guidelines for a professional, transparent and uniform working method for coaches. The IEC covers how I, as a professional coach, approach integrity, professional and excellent conduct, contracting, (personal) responsibility and confidentiality.  I have declared that as a professional coach I am obliged to work according to the IEC guidelines and that in the event of complaints I will follow their regulations.


Phoenix Opleidigen, where I have followed various courses myself, also applies a Code of Ethics. Participants who have completed the three-year training and/or further training at Phoenix can become participants in this Code of Ethics. Phoenix's Ethics Committee ensures that the Code of Ethics remains up-to-date, that the complaints procedure functions properly and that there is an effectively functioning complaints committee. As a participant in this Code of Ethics, I also subscribe to this Complaints Procedure, which is part of the Code. This means that my clients have an independent Complaints Committee at their disposal in the case of complaints about my performance.

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Internationale Ethische Code voor Coache

The certificates below confirm that I take my profession and especially the people who place their trust in my hands very seriously.

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Code of Conduct

​What do the above mentioned ethical codes and certificates imply for you in practise?

  • I work exclusively on the basis of norms and values I believe in and am willing to support

  • Service to my clients is central in all transactions

  • I offer the highest possible level of confidentiality. The ability to building up the trust needed to do my job well depends on absolute respect for my clients’ privacy

  • I guarantee confidential information will not leak or be disseminated through overlapping relational networks

  • I always protect the identity of my clients; be it in conversations with colleagues or during supervision and peer reviews

  • I have a professional obligation to always apply the right skills and techniques necessary to achieve our agreed upon results
  • I invest a significant portion of my time in study and continued professional development

  • I keep up with the latest developments in my field

  • When asked, I give an honest and complete clarification of my qualifications and limitations

  • I will never abuse my position as a professional, nor will I do so with the knowledge and skills I have acquired

  • I give non-binding recommendations. My client always has the freedom to choose whether or not to follow them

  • I do not accept a commission for referrals

  • My behaviour will never undermine the integrity of my work or that of my colleagues

  • I respect the knowledge and expertise of my colleagues

  • I respect my clients’ cultural background and world view

  • I have the responsibility to respectfully encourage my clients to make independent decisions within their own beliefs, norms and values

  • I am responsible for entering into performance-related agreements with my clients

  • I am responsible for the setting and monitoring of boundaries between myself and my clients. My training and coaching is a formal, contractual relationship and nothing more.

Algemene Voorwaarden
Terms & Conditions

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